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Mountain Glen
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Attractions - Incline Railway
Chattanooga, Tennessee's Lookout Mountain Incline Railway is a ride unlike any other in the world. Referred to as "America's Most Amazing Mile", the Incline Railway has delighted guests to the Chattanooga area for well over a century. Designated as both a National Historic Site and National Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark, the Incline Railway has been one of Chattanooga's most unique attractions since 1895.

As the Incline Railway climbs historic Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga's surrounding mountains and valleys come alive. The trolley-style railcars carry you cloud high and the breathtaking 72.7% grade of the track near the top gives the Incline Railway the unique distinction of being the steepest passenger railway in the world.
Incline Railway
Prices and Hours
Call for current prices and hours.
Phone & Address
3917 St. Elmo Avenue
Chattanooga, TN 37409
Directions (from Mountain Glen)
Turn LEFT out of Mountain Glen onto Brockdell Rd - drive approximately 6.3 miles.
Turn LEFT onto Old TN-111 - drive approximately 4.8 miles.
Turn LEFT onto TN-111 - drive approximately 31.1 miles.
MERGE onto US-27 S- drive approximately 22.2 miles.
Take the EXIT for I-24 E toward Atlanta/Knoxville- drive approximately 0.4 miles.
Keep RIGHT at the fork, follow signs for Lookout Mt/S Broad St and MERGE onto Williams St- drive approximately 0.3 miles.
Turn RIGHT onto W 25th St - drive approximately 0.1 miles.
Turn LEFT onto Broad St - drive approximately 1.0 miles.
Turn LEFT onto Tennessee Ave- drive approximately 0.4 miles.
Slight RIGHT onto St Elmo Ave - drive approximately 240 feet.
Arrive at Incline Railway.
All information and photos contained herein are property of Incline Railway.