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Fall Creek Mennonite Community
Fall Creek Mennonite Community

Fall Creek Mennonite Community is home to about 60 families and 25 Mennonite owned and operated businesses. When visiting you'll find a little bit of everything including delicious food, fresh produce, baked goods, flowers and vegetable plants, custom furniture and wood products, dress and quilt fabrics, gift items, and much more.

Plan to spend a day or two exploring this unique community and the various shops such as Elbee's Garden Shop, The General Store, Oak Ridge Pantry, Country Fabrics, Rocky Top Woodcraft, and Breath of Life book store to name a few. Mennonites are very hard-working, family-oriented, and friendly people. Plan your trip and come experience their old-world way of living.

Fall Creek Mennonite Community - Jams and Jellies
Fall Creek Mennonite Community - Produce

History of Fall Creek Mennonite Community

Fall Creek Mennonite Community - Baked Goods

Fall Creek Mennonite Community was established in the spring of 2012. Desiring to relocate, a group of about 60 families from Kentucky purchased 5,000 acres of land in Van-Buren county in Spencer, Tennessee. Over the last 9 years the previously raw land, which was mostly logged off, has seen quite the transformation. Many homes and barns have been built, pastures have been created, and lots of different crops are planted and harvested each year. In addition, 25 businesses have either been relocated or newly established.

About Mennonites

Fall Creek Mennonite Community - Fabrics

Mennonites are a Christian group which formed during the Protestant Reformation. Mennonites are not Amish. Although they have many similar beliefs and often dress alike, the Amish are a group which separated from Mennonites in the late 1600s due to differing beliefs in how to live separate from the world. Typically Amish follow a stricter doctrine. As for the Fall Creek Mennonite Community, they don't drive cars or use electricity in their homes and they dress very simply. You will see them traveling using horse and buggy as well as bicycles. They are permitted to hire drivers for long trips and for business purposes.

Nearby RV Park & Campground

Mountain Glen RV Park & Campground is only a 3 mile drive from Fall Creek Mennonite Community and the closest RV Park and Campground in the area. Enjoy a quiet, beautiful setting with lots of amenities and plenty of room for any size RV. We also have large spacious tent sites available as well. Make your reservations today!

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Directions (from Mountain Glen)
Turn LEFT out of Mountain Glen onto Brockdell Rd - drive approximately 3.3 miles.
The Fall Creek Mennonite Community covers a large area so be sure to print the map above or visit the Mountain Glen office to pick one up.