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Mountain Glen
6182 Brockdell Road
Pikeville, TN 37367
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Entertainment - Cumberland Caverns Live
Concert and Radio Show Cumberland Caverns Live is a concert located 333 feet below ground at Cumberland Caverns in McMinnville, Tn. It takes place inside of what's known as The Volcano Room, a natural amphitheater. Here water and time entwined many years ago to create one of the most acoustically pure natural spaces on earth. No man-made sound reaches the Volcano Room and the living rock hued amid the eons is jagged and uneven, providing limited echo.

The primordial silence and perpetual darkness give way each month to the sounds of the finest music of the greatest bluegrass musicians on earth. Regardless of outside temperature, the Volcano Room is a constant 56 degrees.

Cumberland Caverns Live - The Volcano Room
The Volcano Room - Cumberland Caverns
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Schedule & Tickets

Visit Cumberland Caverns Live website for more info and to purchase tickets.

Phone & Address
1437 Cumberland Caverns Road
McMinnville, Tennessee 37110
Directions (from Mountain Glen)
Turn LEFT out of Mountain Glen onto Brockdell Rd - drive approximately 6.3 miles.
Turn LEFT onto Old TN-111 - drive approximately 4.8 miles.
Turn LEFT onto TN-111 - drive approximately 1.1 miles.
Turn RIGHT onto TN-8 - drive approximately 15.6 miles.
Turn RIGHT onto Dark Hollow Rd - drive approximately 0.7 miles.
Turn LEFT at Cumberland Caverns Rd - drive approximately 1.2 miles.
Arrive at Cumberland Caverns Live @Cumberland Caverns.
All photos provided courtesy of Cumberland Caverns Live. Photography by Collin Peterson.