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While Microsoft has issued transparency reports regarding requests from law enforcement and the U.S

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Analysts and officials have warned that missing payments could lead to economic calamity

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Australia has been struggling to cope with a string of homegrown terrorism crimes involving teenagers

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And if that is the case, then we should be able to begin to normalize monetary policy,” he said.

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They are resolutely opposed to drilling in this place, regardless of what the money is used for.

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We can't quite see the Cairngorms, but that's about the only bit of wilderness in Scotland and there's people all over it.

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“I hope that we get direct signals that all countries are fulfilling their financial obligations and that all countries are willing to offer personnel,” Merkel told reporters


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The media picked up on the story, which was reported around the world

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Obama said he will also dramatically slow the pace of the reduction of American forces and plans to maintain the current U.S

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Many accuse the president of weakening civil rights in the last couple of years, notably regarding minority Kurds and the media.

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I had some high-profile jobs, like a Super Bowl commercial or a few episodes of Glee, but there was a lot of downtime, and that can be, obviously, dangerous.

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When this season started, Donn Clendenon was working for an Atlanta pen company

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"They do not increase equality of opportunity, they make it worse

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“Our client was never looking for money from her nephew or his family.”

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Green, has argued that the allegations in the media of past sexual misconduct -- which he blamed on government leaks -- could undermine Hastert's right to a fair trial.

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Al Weis, who had been cast aside by the White Sox in 1967

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Relations between Khartoum and UNAMID have never been good but have deteriorated in recent years

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When he gets the ball, there’s no shyness

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“I was a little limited,” he said

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"The residents had some level of sympathy with the kids

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Investors have been giving most IPOs a cold reception since the stock market plunged in August.

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Kidney damage and loss of function caused by drugs or trauma can improve over time.

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Through interviews with church members, police said they learned that Leonard's 17-year-old brother, Christopher, had also been severely beaten during the counseling session

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Haptic engines under the touchpads lend a tactile feeling to the entire experience

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UnitedHealthsold individual plans in about two dozen states in 2015, up fromjust a few states in 2014.

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Students say most women's hostels - whether run by the university or privately-owned - follow curfew hours

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A number of power stations have closed down in recent years as they come to the end of their natural life

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“I would appeal to anyone who has information in relation to this incident to contact Police on the non-emergency number 101

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Since it started operations in 2009,the company has evolved to expand its offerings beyond the paymentsindustry

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All those plans remain in play for 2017 and beyond, said Reid Ryan, the Astros’ president for business operations

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As Volkswagen grapples internally with the crisis, about 400 of its top executives met in Leipzig on Thursday

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In the chaos six diplomats escaped and took refuge with Taylor and another Canadian official for more than two months.

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And we won't stand for it,” Gary said.

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So far, 50 women have posed for Holland

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It seems like he didn’t think too much about move to Fenerbahce

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With SABMiller and AB InBevoccupying the top and third spots respectively, Kirin may findthe competition gets tougher.

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“The government and technology are two aspects of life on which these two characteristics are met

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"We don't want to disturb any existing contract

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That’s on the low end of what people in industrial societies get, says study co-author JeromeSiegel, a sleep researcher atUCLA’s Semel Institute of Neuroscience and Human Behavior

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The Group structure is simple: a holding company with two airline subsidiaries

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The first two hangmen didn't show up for work