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“What is clear in the series is that that’s not enough.”
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Jerry Koosman was not going to blow it.
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“This is the first time puberty timing has been robustly linked to seasonality,” said Perry
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The context is similar to that of 1976: The economy is stagnant, there’s gridlock on Capitol Hill, and the public is furious at Washington.
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Rengan Rajaratnam's July 2014 acquittal in the criminal caserepresented the first trial loss in an insider trading crackdownpursued by Manhattan U.S
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Valeant drew Congress' interest following its purchase of the life-saving heart drugs Nitropress and Isuprel
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Yet rather than emphasize the grimness of it all, Spielberg takes his usual sweet-and-sour approach
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Such a process could explain the mound's strange mineralogy
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In this round of violence, Palestinian attacks on Israelis have largely been carried out by individuals with no ties to militant groups
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Johns County Sheriff's department said
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I love and appreciate everyone’s concern.”
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"So I certainly do see the possibility of more strikes against IS
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"Sometimes in all these discussions you have the impressionthat all fossil fuels are the bad guys
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“In the mainstream medical diagnostics industry, there’s a pretty high standard in terms of investment,” says Dr
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It’s been 13 days since he started his latest book tour iteration
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Rosales' arrival and detention may help mobilize the opposition in the run-up to the Dec
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When thesteel bracket broke, a bottle of high-pressure helium wasreleased, causing the tank to over-pressurise and explode.
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The likeliest candidate to fill the void is rookie receiver Devin Smith, who has big-play potential but hasn’t made an impact in his early run with Gang Green
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This is an unhinged intifada, an odd rebellion that bubbles through the social networks and erupts into barbarism in attacks by isolated individuals or small groups
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An opposition lawmaker in Kosovo released teargas in parliament on Thursday, the second such incident in a week in protest at a European Union-brokered accord with former master Serbia
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It is up to the leadership what to do, but I suspect this shark is well fed and long gone.”
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There are now estimated to be between 200 and 250 breeding pairs.
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Ship then assisted on the game-winning goal in Cal's 1-0 victory against Oregon State to cap her six-point weekend.
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1, $10 in 2017, and $11 in 2018
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Allen said he was surprised to see it is almost entirely in English, with the exception of a few brochures.
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Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon accused Washington of "misreading" the conflict, saying shooting knife-wielding Palestinians was self-defense
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The Global Post series aims to prove the Vatican has far more work to do to hold people accountable.
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"A Greek's seat was harder than an American's, and even he had to call a halt to a dramatic presentation after a couple of hours."
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Odom's grandmother, Florence Odom, declined to comment on his status Thursday, saying she was becoming distressed at unfounded speculation that her grandson would be taken off life support
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Alienware’s machine is very safe, very conservative, all glossy-black planes adorned only with illuminated (with the option to disable) Alienware and Steam logos
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But the last urban plague was in Los Angeles in 1925
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Opponents of higher contributions included Alameda, a cityof nearly 76,000 near San Francisco
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Nor is she surprised, she said,that investors are less certain about the Fed's so-called"reaction function" to economic data as it emerges from thefinancial crisis.
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SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — So many people have gone so long without buying a new personal computer that the industry's biggest players are trying something different: a quirky advertising campaign
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Physical labor and total number of hours worked were not included.
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But the water crisis is also attributable to tactics bywarring parties who intentionally deprive civilians of basicneeds, international aid groups say
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signed her and decided it was too similar to that of the established actress Joan Blondell.
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Maintaining the "founder" title is important
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She started off with a somewhat stilted, fact-filled introduction, which was a reminder she is usually better at the prose of governing than the poetry of running
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Yum now expects full-year adjusted earnings per share growththat is flat to up in the low-single-digit percentages versus ayear ago
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You’ve just got to try to do what you do — that’s killing penalties, taking face-offs, all that kind of stuff
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The bank has come under fire for the fees it charged forhelping 1MDB raise funds through bond offerings
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"I don't think job growth was as weak as some people thinkit was," Mester told reporters at New York University
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Today we’re launching a pilot test of Reactions — a more expressive Like button
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Vernatchi "will not officiate in Week 6 as a result of the failure to notice that the game clock was incorrectly started," league spokesman Michael Signora said Thursday
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"The NRA’s Eddie Eagle GunSafe program has reached over 28 million children and since its inception nearly 30 years ago firearm accident deaths have dropped to an all-time low
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media havelargely focused this week on his brief membership in the mostfamous family on reality television.
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The first — The Order of the Stone — was released this week for PC, Mac, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, and PS3 and PS4, with Android and iOS versions to follow.